The Global Dinner


If the world was a village of 100 people:

30 people would have enough or MORE than enough food;

50 people would remain hungry sometimes;

20 people would be severely malnurished.

The Scene Change Global Dinner offers a meal that incorporates the realities of wealth, privilege and hunger into one unforgettable experience. Sitting in continents and taking on new names and home countries, guests receive unequal portions, service, and opporunity. Some elites are treated to full service in the VIP (Very Important Person) area. Questions and information facilitate conversation and reflection, while inequities unfold.

Tensions rise as guests, activists and reporters respond to what they see and feel. The mayor and police officers keep order and stability. Those with poor health are treated in the hospital, if there are adequate hospital resources. Multi-nationals may take over land, guests may become inmates, strong community bonds may emerge, and protests may erupt. Help comes from local authorities, fellow guests, the local NGO "Help With Borders", or maybe help doesn't come at all. The outcome is in the hands of the guests, so the dinner is never the same twice.

The Global Dinner is a meal, a simulation game and a call to action that can be run with a group of 20-100 people. After the meal, guests reflect on their experience, making connections to realities, near and fear. Interested? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hungry statistics are taken from "If the World Were a village" by David J. Smith