Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why are you called Scene Change?

When a scene changes in a play you see the story in a new way. We're helping young people see the world's story and their story in a new way. We're also into artsy stuff so we like having a name that comes from the theatre world.

ninja turtles22. Who do you consider as "young people?"

We don't check ID at the door, but we're picturing teens and twenties or people who at least know about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers.

3. What if you like Scene Change but you're not exactly "young?"

disco ball3

If you can remember Disco or the Beatles and you think Scene Change is cool, we're cool with that.

4. What type of plays do you want to make?

We're interested in true stories that HAVE happened or ARE happening... stories about people who respond to a need in the world... stories that remind us that we too can do great things.


5. Where does Scene Change happen?

Programs take place in southern, but the BIG, crazy dream is to launch Scene Change all over the world.


6. Is Scene Change a religious organization?

Scene Change is a place where people with diverse worldviews can unite around their common desire for a more just and compassionate world. People involved in Scene Change are encouraged to express the worldview that motivates them, but Scene Change does not uphold a specific religious perspective.


7. Is Scene Change a real, official charity?

Scene Change is a program of IFA (International Festival of the Arts) and IFA is a real, official charity.


Ninja Turle image submitted to Flickr from Yahoo by Pinguino on June 6, 2009 under Creative Commons License.


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