The Ana Project

The Ana Project is a story about Morgan Weaver, a beautiful and intelligent girl who has been battling an eating disorder for the past seven years. The narration of the routine is written by Morgan, and the dancer & choreographer of the routine was done by her sister – Brooke.

Brooke loves to perform and choreograph meaningful pieces, and the idea to use Morgan’s words came across her the summer before her second year at College. Brooke envisioned sharing Morgan’s story with more than just family and friends, and used the piece to compete as her contemporary solo on her dance team in College March 2015.

Brooke didn’t want to just stop there though; she wanted more than dancers to see it and decided to call up an old friend of the family to get it filmed, that way numerous people - people she didn’t even know could see it and hear her sister and her family’s story. Brooke didn’t want people to forget about the piece, since the story still hasn’t ended and since Morgan is just one of several patients severely sick with this mental illness.

rooke felt that eating disorders and mental illness do not have much attention in today’s society and it’s time to start changing that and that is the whole purpose and message of this film – The Ana Project.

So please take the few minutes to watch the story, hear the piece, and please share it and continue to share it. Thank you.
~ Brooke Weaver

* The Ana Project was Produced by Scene Change with Just Creative to support Brooke and Morgan and promote understanding for those who struggle with eating disorders.

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