60 Days of Summer

60 Days on the farm
60 Days of Summer is an original stage play about students who attempt to live 60 summer days with no environmental footprint. The story was written by Scene Change and Environment Hamilton with contributions from Hamilton area students and teachers. Premiere performances were in spring 2014 at Pearl Company in Hamilton, including a student matinee that included groups from three area schools.
The story begins at an Earth Hour party where some students question the value of an annual hour without electricity. The idea of spending a summer is proposed then championed by a student who recruits a small group to give it a try. A family farm becomes the location for their experiment in which the realities of living without an environmental impact are more difficult than anticipated and possibilities for alternative energy are discovered. With mixed motivations and rising tensions, convictions are tested. Can they survive without phones? What are they willing to change? Can they get along? Can they trust each other? Do their choices really matter? Who really cares?
Earth montage
The play opens with a powerful montage of dance, music, video and narration that introduces a characterization of Earth personified. Scenes include the retro "Hug a Tree" dream sequence and a nightmare about Earth's funeral. Character arcs unfold in unexpected patterns as the students see themselves and the Earth with new perspectives, discovering what is they really want to do and can do.
Exposed Funeral Arms Romace
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