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"I saw 60 days of summer on June 1st, and it was totally amazing. I really enjoyed the performance and was touched to see so much effort go into caring for the environment. It was exceedingly heart warming. I was rather sad when I learned that I had caught the last performance though. It was something that would be cool to re-see with friends or the rest of my family, and either way that I would definitely watch again. I don't suppose that you plan to show it again at any point in time do you? If so I'm very interested in going again. Either way, I just wanted to say it was a great performance. P.S. If Environment Hamilton ever decides to organize something like this, you've got one very interested high school student willing to participate." ~ high school student

"It really is a fabulous show. Will make everyone stop and think! Great to see some amazing people draw on their gifts to present such a powerful message. Thanks for the inspiration!" ~ principal

"Awesome show! Students loved it! Also a lot of kids thanked me for taking them... Which they normally never do!" ~ teacher

"A great performance!! Funny, creative and engaging! What a wonderful way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Way to go to all involved." ~ adult

60 Days of Summer is an inspiring and thought-provoking story of the ups and downs of young people exploring their relationship with the Earth. With many elements in the production, the experience is riveting, hilarious, and enjoyable for all. The embedded message encourages students to take a step in becoming more aware of the Earth – without the cheese. The character's audacious efforts add a unique twist to the typical story of protecting." ~ Hira Nadeem (Westmount Secondary School student)

60 days of Summer takes us on a theatrical adventure where young people challenge themselves to leave "noimpact"on the earth - not just for "Earth hour"- but for an entire summer. The variety of backgrounds and worldexperiences in this diverse cast allows them to explore some tough questions about the price of climate changeand who pays. Infused with music, dance, and eco-inventions - the play has something for everyone in this fun, at times wacky, but ultimately inspiring production. Leaving "no-impact" on the earth - leaves a lasting impact on the audience!” ~ Catherine Silverglen (OCT)

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