10 Ways to Fight Global Hunger

10 Ways to Fight Global Hunger



1. BE AWARE - Try or


2. CARE - Caring is an action that leads to more actions. It's an awesome first step.


3. SHARE - Do what you CAN do. Don't be overwhelmed by what you CAN'T do.


4. BUY FAIR TRADE - This choice gives power to fair trade companies that are helping farmers who are struggling to survive and pay their workers. (See page 3.)


5. CLICK FOR FOOD - Set as your home page and click once every day.


6. SPONSOR A MICRO-CREDIT BUSINESS - People can feed their families when they have good jobs. Micro-credit helps people with few resources start a new business with only a small amount of money. Try


7. PARTICIPATE in "I AM SILENT" - This is a creative way to stand up for children around the world whose voices aren't heard. The support leads to practical help in villages around the world.



8. RAISE MONEY - Gather some friends and raise some money that helps people who are fighting hunger. Your efforts will help them in their efforts. Give the money to,, or


9. MAKE A VIDEO - Get creative and share your thoughts about hunger on a video. Post your video on YouTube or Facebook. But do check with your parents first so they can support what you're doing.


10. ORGANIZE A GLOBAL DINNER - Work with the social action committee (or something similar) in your school to organize a Global Dinner event.


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