Young People are Like Bean Poles


by Lance Wright


At our first house, some pole beans looked like they wanted to climb, so my wife gave them a trellis. Within a few weeks, the beans climbed to the top and were looking for more. So she gave them a bigger tellis and again, they quickly climbed to the top. My wife didn't come back with a giant trellis, but if she had, I imagine they would have climbed it too. Images of Jack and the Beanstalk come to mind! But if she hadn't provided an opportunity, the beans would have been left to crawl around in the dirt.
Young people are like pole beans. They will climb high if they are given an opportunity, a structure, and someone who believes in them. But if they can't find something to climb, they may end up crawling through a lot of dirt.
Scene Change believes in the potential of young people and provides opportunities to climb.



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