Core Values

The Scene Change movement is guided by the following core values: 



partnersWe uphold a vision for a sustainable world in which every person can meet their basic needs and fulfill their human potential. We support systems that value people over profit and bridge the gap between rich and poor, powerful and vulnerable, elite and marginalized. We encourage a sense of global citizenship in which the needs of the earth and the global community are considered in choices both small and large, ordinary and extraordinary.

TRANSLATION - We want to live in a world where everybody wins.



jumpWe believe that every young person has unique potential to spark hope and momentum for positive change in the world. We encourage young people to identify and act upon their passion to respond to the needs of their local or global community.




faithWe choose optimism over cynicism, hope over despair, and possible over impossible. We encourage people to discover, develop and express the worldview that motivates just and compassionate action. We value both faith-based and non-faith-based motivations and encourage mutual respect as people learn from one another, unite around common visions, and bring out the best in one another.

TRANSLATION - Let's bring the best of who we are and be the best we can be together.



communityIn our teams and networks we create safe places where people feel known, connected and supported. We value the unique contribution of every individual and develop teams that lean into one another's strengths. The co-operative, caring relationships within our movement prepare people for healthy relationships in the global community.

TRANSLATION - If we're gonna get it right in the world, let's get it right in Scene Change.



playful2We encourage innovation, playfulness, and creative expression that awakens fresh responses to the needs of the world and new possibilities for change.

TRANSLATION - Let's have fun and let the creative juices flow.



partnershipWe support and work together with people and groups that resonate with our vision and mission. We intentionally help young people to find understanding, connections and opportunities outside of our organization that solidify, develop and sustain their global vision.

TRANSLATION - It's not about us.



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